TCM Library Full Line Catalog
As a part of the marketing team, I designed and assisted on many catalogs, big and small, across B2B, D2C, and Direct-to-School (DTS) markets, but below is one of my very own favorites. As the lead designer of this catalog, I was met with a difficult task to make up for the lost time in this catalog's planning. Now a rush catalog, it was also requested to redesign from the previous version and combine products from what was previously two catalogs into one.
The Evolution
As you can see below, the previous two versions of this catalog, also designed by me over the years, had a very consistent visual style. Only now, I had to make this catalog not just about library readers, but professional books from Teacher Created Materials' sister brand, Shell Education. I kept the angular framing but simplified it so that including Shell Education wouldn't become too visually busy. The cover was the beginning of the user's introduction to this catalog's new format. This catalog previously included only single readers. This new catalog carried single readers, library sets, and professional books from Shell Education, for each discipline.
Below, I took the preexisting Table of Contents page and revamped it to prioritize the Table of Contents over the legend of icons needed for browsing. I continued the style of the cover with angular image frames, with content breaking out of frame. For the user, I also implemented a coded color system, so that if one was only interested in a single title, sets, or Shell, they could quickly skip to those pages.
After many iterations of this catalog, many things are settled on to "make it fit" or "just get it done" to accommodate a lot of competing deadlines. Considering this rush deadline, I simplified many of the previous version's styling to accommodate added requests to make some design improvements. I was able to streamline a lot of the styles and master pages of this version. I enjoy the fun balancing act to fit everything needed within the page count, but I was pleased to make time to give these pages some a much-needed refresh.

Example of "Single Title" spread before/after

Example of Set and Shell Education pages that would follow Single Page spreads.

Another Single Title Spread, from my favorite subject =]

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