Light, Years Ahead
This article was conceptualized and designed for a feature in Audi Magazine by Audi USA. Our team's main goal was to create an article that makes the millennial market aspire to own their own Audi vehicle. This article was inspired by the advancement in light technology. We gathered from Audi's iconic LED lighting, how the advancements in light technology not only help the driver see the road better, but affect their overall sensory experience through light and color.
As a result, this article and art direction concept was chosen by Audi to feature in an issue of their lifestyle magazine, Audi Magazine. 

Millennial Mindset
From our research, millennials were interpreted as a sharing culture. They grew up with the internet, but more importantly, the internet grew up with them also. This culture expects more and more from technology everyday and they crave the next innovative and creative products in tech.

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Created in collaboration with: April DiMartile, Brigitte La, Kim Mar, and Erika Martin
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